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  • It is really amazing how much more you see with loupes! It should be the standard of care!
  • I teach 3rd year students and not withstanding my experience compared with their lack of experience, I see and recognise 'things' better than they do.
  • It could be argued that to practice without loupes is indefensible as one is not working to the highest possible standard.
  • Cannot do modern high standard dentistry without magnification and illumination.
  • Using loupes improves the quality of my dentistry which is in the best interests of my patients. A new world opens up when you have a headlight as well! - without it you are still working in the dark ages!
  • Loupes are good but the light attached makes a huge difference.
  • I agree 100% with all Dentists who say it is an absolute no-go to work without loops! I would go as far as to say that one can not do a proper diagnosis without loops and any treatment without loops would be inferior treatment!
  • Loupes are now an essential aspect of my practice. I wouldn't leave for work without them!
  • Cannot understand dentists who say 'my eyesight isn't that bad!' Nothing will improve your dentistry more than a pair of loupes.
  • Don't be fooled into buying cheap loupes, they are uncomfortable and quickly cause discomfort in the eyes. Good quality loupes with a light quickly becomes essential and I would hate to be separated from my loupes for even one day.
  • Whilst loupes benefit all dentists. Anyone over 50 years old is kidding themselves if they feel they don't need extra magnification with illumination also. Regular eye tests and loupes should be mandatory.
  • To help my dental nurse have a better posture and be able to see what we were both doing (my head wasn't in her way) thereby improve both our working lives and reduce both our working day stresses.
  • My back problems have gone, my posture is much better and if I can't see it I can't treat it.
  • After wearing loupes for nearly 20 years, I find it nearly impossible to work without them. The improved visibility & posture put the quality of care and operator comfort in a different league.
  • I bought my first set when I was a uni student. They really helped as I was developing poor posture because I was always leaning in a lot and I have an astigmatism in one eye and am short sighted too.
  • I am not a dentist I am a dental therapist, however my opinions are true of all operators. If you can see better you can do better.
  • I believe loupes should be an entry-level requirement in undergraduate dental training.

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