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Consultation & Fitting

Our team of loupe specialists can provide an in-office consultation in most areas. This evaluation and fitting session is a unique experience as Evident has the ability to create accommodations for your particular prescription* into loupes during the evaluation.

Our goal is to enable you to evaluate actual binocular magnification at different magnifications and see clearly at your chosen working distance. Your loupe specialist will advise on you magnification strengths, frame and lighting choices, ergonomic considerations, and lens options for peripheral vision.

Evident and ExamVision share a common goal of providing you with a perfect pair of loupes.

*We use computerized ophthalmic equipment and measurements that compensate for different L and R near- and far-sighted adjustments, reading corrections, mono-vision laser corrections, and minor astigmatisms.

Superior Service and Support - ExamVision and Evident

Evident is approved and trained to perform several post sale services at our center in London. This greatly reduces your down time without loupes.


Peace of mind starts with the assurance that you’ve made the right choice for your dental loupes. With a 5 year warranty and a 30 satisfaction guarantee policy, you can be assured that you will have made the correct choice.


30 days satisfaction guaranteed Free 5 year extended warranty

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